Legal Information Terms of Communication.

We (the guys at Limited) are always looking for more easier ways for you guys to get in touch with us. Weather there is a problem with your website, you need help with your service or just fancy a chat and exchange thoughts and ideas. It has never been easier to contact us.

These terms and conditions (“Terms, T&C, Agreement or Contract”) describe our commitments to you and your rights and responsibilities when contacting Limited, one of it’s members or the people who work for us. Please read them carefully and reach out to us if you have any problems, issues or questions regarding them.

We’ve decided to make these legal files available under creative commons sharealike licence. You are free to copy any of the legal documents found on this website for personal or business use on your own website(s). You are more than welcome to copy and adapt and re-purpose them for your own use. Just make sure to revise the language so that your terms reflect your actual practice(s). Also if you do use these legal files, we would appreciate a credit and a link back to our website somewhere on your website, remember to change company names, contact information and any links found here before implementing them on your website(s).

By contacting Limited the company, its members, members of staff and or anyone related to or connected with US. You declare to have read, understood and irrevocably agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and agree to follow any and all policies and procedures set out herein.

The latest copy of our legal files is always available on our website. It is essential that you read and fully understand these terms and conditions before engaging in communication with us.

Terms and References:

You: (you, your, user, visitor, viewer, client, customer, consultant, member, artist, affiliate, partner, end-user, 3rd party, a company, body or entity working for or operating on behalf of, organisation) Will be collectively known as You.

Someone working for you or acting on your behalf: (official and/or unofficial representative of, 3rd party to or affiliated with, member of / employee of / member of / management of or to, independent person/body or entity, end-user) Will be collectively known as You or Your Representative. Limited: (CKETT / Limited / –, me, I, us, our, our website(s), our site/service(s), a company, body or entity working on our behalf) Will be collectively know as Us or We.

Services: (service(s), product(s), package(s), page(s), hosting account(s), graphic/web design, promotion, help and support, account creation and management, fansites, online shops(stores), blogs, communities, setup, management, promotion, post, information, e-magazines, forums, groups, content) Will be collectively known as Service(s) or Product(s)

Personal Details: (name, address(s), contact numbers(s), date of birth, age, race, gender, content, information, profile(s), account information, account number(s), references codes/numbers) Wil collectively known as Personal Details.

Terms of Communication: (“Terms, TOC, Terms of Communication, Agreement” ) Will be collectively known as Terms.

01) Your Acceptance and Agreement.

02) Application of Terms of Communication.

03) General Terms and Conditions.

04) You, Your Account and use of our Services.

05) Contacting Us Via

06) When we contact You Via

07) Technical Support and Help.

08) Resolutions of Disputes and Choice of Law.

09) Termination and Cancellation.

10) Certain Information.

11) Notifications, Contact Info, Advertising and Marketing.

12) Definitions / Understanding of Terms.

13) Disclaimer and Understanding the Agreement.

14) Contact Information for Limited. Limited
Company Number: 12252739.
Contact Number: 07763 036 150.
Social Media: @CKETTlondon.