Starter Hosting Package Deal

Starter Hosting Package Deal

£240.00 £119.88

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£240.00 £119.88

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Hosting Package

Perfect for small to medium traffic websites that need loads of functionality complete with addons and support services.

  • Build 1 Website.

  • 10GB Space for Storage.

  • 10K Monthly Visitors.

  • 1 Domains to register.

  • 5% for Referrals.

  • Essential Features.


Basic Website Package


Full list of features.

This package is packed with all the features below.

£240.00 £119.88

General Information:

Package Details
  • Design For Small / Projects
  • Size of website Small Websites
  • Websites 1*
  • Domains 1*
  • Emails 1*
  • Monthly Visitors 10K
  • Web Space 10 GB
  • Referral Rate 5% (+1%)**
Package Classes
  • Designer+*
  • Support+*
  • Manager+*
Package Features
  • WordPress Installation
  • PlugIns Resource**
  • Templates Resource**
  • Essential Included

Features marked with (*) are included but will need to be requested before they will be added | Features marked with (**)  are subject to additional terms and conditions.


Here is what you get with the Advanced Package Deal.


Have an amazing idea for a website? With loads of opportunities, you can build 1 with us.

The number of websites you can build with this package is 1.


We have loads of storage for you to? With 10GB web space, you can save all your photos and web files.

The number of gigabytes you have on this package is 10GB.


Have loads of visitors? With 10K monthly visitors, you should never run out of bandwidth.

The amount of shared bandwidth you have on this package is 10K that resets every month.


More than one website? We allow upto 1 Domain free with your package additional domains discounted to just 75% each.

The number of domains you can register with this package is Unlimited.


1 department or member of staff working for you? With 1 free E-Mail you can register for you.

The number of emails you can assign with this package is 1 per domain.


Know anyone else that needs a website? We value our customers referrals and loyalty, you will receive 5% of the sale of every referral.

The number of referrals you can earn with this package is £1,500 per month.


With our knowledge of WordPress coupled with our templates and plugins, your website will have everything you need to build any type of website.

WordPress powers over 38% of the web.


Building an online shop or need to accept payments online? WooCommerce is the perfect companion to WordPress for online shops.

The number of products and categories you can list with this package is 50 per month.



No matter what you need, we have a PlugIn to suit your needs. Install a wide range of plugins from our database of over 75,000.

The number of plugins you can install with this package is 25.


Build a unique website with our endless supply of Templates and plugins, you can literally build almost anything with our vast database of templates.

The number of templates you will receive with this package is 1 free.


Starter & Essentisl Features with this package you have access to some of the starter features in all our services.


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