Websites DescriptionWhat is Websites?

Websites or a website is pretty simple to explain, in many of our packages we include the ability to build and host a number of websites in your acocunt.

This is what we mean when we refer to your site(s)/website(s).

The number of websites you can build differs from package to package.

Unlimited websites have the ability to create website after website whenever the user feels like it, although we offer to design, manage and host your website for you, we will only ever do this once per account, unless otherwise stated, the term “Unlimited” referrs to the amount of times the user can then create sites after we have finsihed.

Altough you can create, manage and delete as many sites as you wish, you are limited by the amount of web space and bandwidth on your account, it is advisable not to have anymore than 3 large websites or websites with large traffic per account for the best performance.

Website OptionsOptions for websites

  • 1 Website.
  • 2 Websites.
  • 5 Websites.
  • Unlimited Websites.

Packages with WebsitesWebsites Packages

  • TBC.