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Cover Photos DescriptionWhat is Cover Photos?

Cover Photo Design is a service we offer to our clients that includes designing and implimenting cover photos/cover banners for use on Facebook Profiles/Pages/Groups, YouTube Channels and other social networks that allow cover photo uploading.

We will design a banner the correct size for you to upload and use on your page or profile, we can even design display pictures/profile pics and help you manage your page.

This is what we mean when we refer to your Cover Photo.

Website OptionsOptions for websites

  • 1 Banner.
    – x 03 Design Examples.
  • 2 Banners.
    – x 05 Design Examples.
  • 5 Websites.
    – x 10 Design Examples.
  • Design & Management.
    2 Designs + 3 Weeks Management

Packages with Cover PhotoCover Photo Packages

  • Designer+. Pro/Advanced.
  • Manager+. Advanced.
  • Social+.